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About The Lodge

We believe that all change we desire is rooted deep inside of the hard to look at stuff.

That when we reflect upon our truths, we often find what so desperately needs to be nourished and celebrated.  We find meaning inside the harder emotions and can therefore connect into a more rooted foundation of self. This truth finding requires us to be brave while being held in a community that understands and honours this difficult journey.

Together we will reflect on the our work and life. We build a relationship with who we are and who we want to be and through the connection with others, develop a skill set that aligns with our desired growth and values.

We create this curious and brave space together.  We have named it The Lodge.  A space where we come in together, break a few things apart, pull some new ideas in and then venture back out into our world to practice them, to try them on.  The Lodge is about creating that space where you know you are going to learn something, that it may not be easy, but that we are there for each other time and time again.

How this helps you lead?

Our programs, events, groups and events are tailored for your experience.  I always suggest start out with our Welcome Video to get familiarize with your Community. And should it find it's way to you, join us in some of the poll questions or follow some of our hashtags. These should give you a good sense of what others are interested in.

The Lodge is designed for Leaders looking to support you in leading a team that needs to reconnect to their passion and purpose for their work.  

Our goal is to ensure that you are building a leadership skill set that not only helps you build boundaries and care for yourself as a leader but also gives you access to knowledge or tools that can help your teams as well.

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